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Silent basketball

Silent basketball

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Silent Bouncing Basketball – Fun for All Ages

Experience the joy of our Silent Bouncing Basketball, a fantastic addition to your indoor games. This squeezable mute bouncing basketball is designed for both kids and adults, offering hours of entertainment. Here are its key features:

  1. Superb Bouncing: Crafted with a smooth, icy texture, this basketball offers excellent bounce on various surfaces.

  2. Generous Size: Unlike tiny bouncing balls, our colorful and generously sized basketball bounces exceptionally high. It's perfect for fun and games, encouraging active play.

  3. Vibrant Assorted Colors: Available in an array of bright, translucent colors, these balls are perfect for party favors. They promote hand-eye coordination and are hard to misplace, making them a hit at birthdays, parties, and carnivals.

  4. High Quality & Endless Fun: Crafted from premium materials, these rubber balls maintain consistent roundness, density, and bounce height. They are durable and provide the best value for your entertainment.

Product Information:

  • Product Name: Elastic Silent Bouncing Ball
  • Type: Bouncing Ball
  • Style: Soft and Squeezable
  • Colors: Yellow, Orange, Green, Light Blue, Pink, Basketball Patterns (Orange & Blue)
  • Applicable Age: 3+
  • Diameter: 18cm (Ages 3-5), 21cm (Ages 5-7), 24cm (Ages 7+)
  • Material: PU/Polyurethane
  • Weight: 150g, 220g, 330g
  • Multifunctional: Yes
  • Function: High Elastic Deformation Basketball Football
  • Filling Material: Sponge
  • Inflation: Not Required
  • Purpose: Children's Play
  • Packaging: Mesh Bag

Package Includes:

  • 1 Silent Bouncing Ball
  • 1 Free Gift Mesh Bag

Get ready for endless bouncing fun with our vibrant and high-quality Silent Bouncing Basketball. Perfect for kids of all ages, it's an ideal addition to your indoor games collection.


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